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As you get more information about the immigration process, you will no doubt have many more questions.


You may have trouble getting all the answers you need from government departments or the internet.When you are ready to seek more specific advice about your case, a personal consultation can be the most cost effective method of easing your mind with immediate answers.



If you are interested in immigrating to UK and would like us to conduct an Initial Consultation, or perhaps you have a few questions about our services, feel free to contact us using the form below. We will endeavour to have an answer back to you within 1 business day.You have to pay our initial consultancy fee £150.



We carefully assess your qualifications in a brief phone assessment or low cost detailed consultation (in our office, via phone or Skype) and let you know if we feel you qualify now. Our feedback will be completely honest, and we will let you know what your options are, and you will avoid having false hopes or spending money needlessly. All consultations are in complete confidence


However, if you live outside London or are unable to schedule a personal consultation our detailed and confidential Skype consultation is ideal for any of the more detailed issues you may face regarding immigration matter.


Our immigration adviser can provide Initial general immigration advice via telephone: 020 3475 6961 or . Please be advised tha twe do not provide fee immigration advice.


The special off of reduce fee of £35 for initial advice.


Face to Face Consultation / Detailed Advice Over The Phone


the initial consultation is £35 for 30 minutes.A detailed immigration advice / full consultation concerning your immigration matter can be arranged for just £120.. A detailed advice can either be provided through face to face consultation in our office or through a detailed advice over the phone/Skype. In case of detailed immigration advice over the phone, the consultation fee can be paid in advance.



We will need to see identification docuemnts of applicant (s) and in case of sponsoring to someone out side UK we will need a copy of their passport .No ID NO Advice.


We don't deal with complex cases as we are only Level 1 regulated adviser in UK


We believe in giving honest advice about prospects of success in the case and under no circumstances would exaggerate chances of success in the case. Your attention will be drawn to the weaknesses and strengths of the case so that the prospects of success can be increased if possible.


To find out whether there are good prospects of success in an application, you can arrange a detailed consultation whereby an immigration adviser will be able to advise you on all aspects of your immigration matter.


Once you are agreed to go ahead with our services then you will have flexibility to pay our services fee to handle your case .

All personal consultations and meetings at our office must be arranged by prior appointment. 


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